Cistus ladanifer

Aromatherapy - Wound-healing

The gum rockrose is endemic to the Mediterranean basin and it is abundant in the Alentejo and Alvarve mountains. In spring, its flowers add a splash of beautiful white to the landscape. However, it is in the hot summer days that they are manually collected. No less than 1500 kg of plants are necessary to produce just one litre of essential oil!

Some drops in a water diffuser have a relaxing effect. This essential oil regulates the nervous system and helps reduce depression, distress, anxiety, stress, nervous shock and nervousness. Since ancient times this plant has been considered the plant of meditation and spirituality.

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Pelargonium rosat

Natural cosmetic

Geranium is grown to extract its essential oil with an aroma very similar to the perfume of the rose. It is widely used in perfumery and cosmetics to manufacture products with a smell of rose. In addition, geranium essential oil has numerous properties used in aromatherapy. So it is widely used in natural cosmetics.

With a diffuser with water or on wooden balls: With an essential oil diffuser or with impregnated wooden balls, by diffusion in the atmosphere, geraniol and citronelol, the components of the essential oil of geranium, have an insect repellent action and prevent mosquito bites.

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Spanish thyme 

Thymus mastichina

Aromatherapy - Respiratory system

In ancient times, the Egyptians used thyme for embalming, the Greeks  to prevent contagious diseases, and the Romans used it to get courage. Modern aromatherapy recognizes its germicidal properties, its positive effect against respiratory conditions, and its potential for self-confidence enhancement. Spanish thyme is an endemic species from Iberian Peninsula, which is common in Portugal.

By adding just a few drops in a diffuser with water or on wooden balls, its essential oils gives off a remarkably fresh scent, which is a great antiseptic and insect repellent.

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Mentha pulegium


Pennyroyal is a typical herb of wetlands,  which grows abundantly and spontaneously on riverbanks, lakes and flooded areas, all over the country. It is a well-known plant as it is traditionally used in several culinary recipes and also, because of the famous liquor of Pennyroyal..

Since ancient times, Pennyroyal has always been differentiated from other species of mints due to its abortive and emmenagogue properties (stimulate menstrual flow).  The toxic effects of the essential oil on the liver and neurological system were discovered more recently and that is why this essential oil is only used externally.

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Rosmarinus officinalis

Aromatherapy - Stimulant

Rosemary essential oil is one of the most popular oils used in aromatherapy due to its many beneficial and therapeutic properties for health and well-being. Put a few drops in a diffuser with water or on wooden balls to disinfect the air, prevent respiratory diseases, remove bad smells, and repel insects.

If inhaled, either pure or in steam, it has an expectorant action, soothes the cough and the symptoms of asthma. It also enhances mental activity, concentration, and memory, reducing headaches, stress, anxiety...

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Helichrysum stoechas


This plant grows naturally nearly throughout Portugal and it is known by different names: macela, perpétua and perpétuas-das-areias. It has traditionally been drunk as herbal tea to treat stomach conditions (heartburn, ulcer, belching), appetite loss and nausea.

The essential oil started to be used more recently and it is applied only externally. However, its demand for the elaboration of natural cosmetic products has increased due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, and skin regenerative properties. Thus, it is commonly used to treat skin mycosis and to help healing in cases...

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Spanish lavender 

Lavandula stoechas


This plant is endemic to the Iberian Peninsula and its unique fragrance is reminiscent of the blossoming spring in the mountains and the religious pilgrimages from small villages. Despite being less known, this plant possesses similar properties and uses as the common lavender. However, unlike the latter, its high fenchone content restricts its use to external administration only. whose characteristic aroma reminds us of spring in the hills, with their processions and pilgrimages.

Some drops in a diffuser with water or on wooden balls act as a strong disinfectant. Its intense scent removes bad smells, repels insects, keeps...

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Lavandula angustifolia

Aromatherapy - Anti-stress

Lavender does not grow naturally in Portugal and it is almost exclusively found in gardens. Nonetheless, since this plant requires little water, it adapts well to the Portuguese climatic conditions. We grow it in the lands nearby our agritourism house and its pleasant scent accompanies our guests during their staying.

One of the most outstanding properties of lavender among among many, is the relaxation of the nervous system. After a day working hard, some drops in a diffuser with water help to relax and eliminate anxiety and nervousness. The nice scent invigorates and helps against...

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Eucalyptus globulus

Aromatherapy - Respiratory system

A few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a diffuser with water or on wooden balls cleanse and purify the air, prevent respiratory infections and flu in winter. They also remove unpleasant and persistent smells such as those of tobacco, animals, cooking and mouldy smells. This essential oil repels insects too.

Inhalations with the essential oil have nasal decongestant, expectorant and bronchial actions, being used in the treatment of colds, flu, bronchitis, cough, asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, sore throat, and other oropharyngeal inflammation. For humid inhalations, put 5-10 drops...

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Foeniculum vulgare


Fennel is a common species in our fields, easily recognisable for its small yellow flowers and its smell and flavour, which resembles anise. This plant has been traditionally known for its several culinary uses and it is still drunk today as an herbal tea. Our knowledge of its medicinal virtues dates back to ancient times and it is reputed for helping to lose weight.

By ingestion: Against digestive problems such as slow digestion, flatulence, nausea and stomach cramps. Also for reducing the appetite, eliminating fat cells, detoxifying the body and stimulating the blood circulation. It even regulates the hormonal balance of women in cases...

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Lavandula hybrida


As its latin name suggests, this variety of lavender (Lavandula hybrida) comes from the cross between the Lavandula officinalis and the Lavandula latifolia. This hybrid has the advantage of having a very high concentration of essential oil. It is greatly appreciated in gardens for its pretty, very aromatic bluish bloom. In aromatherapy we will especially remember its analgesic and spasmolytic benefits which calm the pain in many situations such as headaches, muscle cramps and painful inflammations. Lavandin essential oil is very soothing and relaxing for the nervous system.

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Cymbopogom winterianus


Lemongrass is best known as an insect repellent plant and especially against mosquitoes. This is due to its high concentration of citronellal e geraniol. It is planted in gardens so that its fragrance can exert its protective action. Its essential oil is also widely used in the formulation of mosquito repellents. It is also recognized as having antiseptic and fungicidal powers. On the psychic and emotional level it is very interesting because its very pleasant, invigorating, fresh and lemony scent has a tonic and soothing effect for nervous, anxious and stressed people who have trouble relaxing or finding sleep.

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Perfume da Serra 

Composition of Essential Oils

Environmental Purifier

The Perfume da Serra is a composition of essential oils from the mountains of Mértola. It is wild, fresh and surprisingly natural. The Mediterranean scrubs predominate in the first days of spring.

A few drops in a watter diffuser have a purifying effect on the environment, maintaining a pleasant and soft perfume. Used to eliminate bad odors at home, especially after cooking, or to eliminate the smell of tobacco. It can also be used on wooden balls, while maintaining the same effect.

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