Natural Cosmetics

Purity and healthy character should be the first qualities of natural cosmetics.

We choose the best ingredients: raw materials coming exclusively from vegetal and biological origin (vegetable oils, alcohol, essential oils).

We refuse to use animal, artificial or synthetic products. Our traditional cosmetic recipes are simple, healthy and naturally effective.

Certiplanet certifies the quality of our products manufactured in a handmade way in our cosmetics laboratory.

Body Oils and Natural Cosmetics 

Body oils are a blend of essential oils and organic sesame oil. The benefits of the body oil depend on the essential oil added. Organic sesame oil is excellent base oil for its wide array of therapeutic properties, presenting a good relation in terms of quality and price.




Virtues of organic sesame oil

Sesame oil has been part of the traditional Indian remedies for more than 7000 years, and thus Ayurveda medicine has always included it among its beauty and medicine remedies.

Sesame oil hydrates dry or irritated skin, and it also soothes itching (eczema, psoriasis). It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, and it is suitable for massage (muscles, joints, and rheumatism). Sesame is an antioxidant and it prevents skin ageing. It also strengthens nails and hair, and helps to remove dandruff. Nonetheless, some people are allergic to it. 

Eau de Cologne 100% BIO

Our cologne was created for lovers of nature and its fantastic aromas, true, pure and healthy.

They are made in the traditional way, without the use of any synthetic chemical substance. It only contains essential oils, water and pure alcohol from organic wheat. So you can enjoy the pleasant and natural aromas of rosemary or lavender to perfume and purify the body or relax your mind.



Perfume da Serra

Why use organic vegetable alcohol for natural cosmetics?

Today industrial cosmetics uses so many synthetic chemicals that it has become dangerous to health! A perfume is something that is used daily and that penetrates the body through the skin. Its quality is as important as if it were food. Therefore, we use for our formulas, natural and healthy products from organic farming. 

Natural Soaps

We manufacture three varieties of scented soaps: rosemary, spanish lavender and rock rose.

Soaps are produced in a handmade way, according to the process of cold saponification, without the use of synthetic aromas, dyes or preservatives. All vegetable ingredients are derived from responsible organic farming (palm and coconut vegetable oils and our essential oils).

They are soft, highly moisturizing and pleasantly creamy.

Rock Rose


Spanish Lavender

Why use our natural soaps?

Soaps are made in cold (unlike industrial processes) and contains therefore an important content in natural glycerine which gives it a great moisturizing power.

The vegetable fats used are certified organic RSPO ("responsible") that guarantees good production practices respectful of the environment and of the populations.

Soaps are perfumed with our essential oils and thus bring the true aromas of the genuine aromatic plants of the portuguese mountain range.