Geranium essential oil

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Pelargonium rosat – Natural cosmetic

100% Pure and Certified Organic

After collecting plants manually with the help of a sickle, their essential oils are extracted using a stainless steel alembic by means of steam distillation. This process allows the preservation of all the scents and active principles and thereby guarantees the quality of the essential oil.

Distilled part: Aerial part. Cultivation methods: Cultivated. Origin: Herdade de Vale Côvo, Portugal.

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Organic geranium essential Oil

Geranium is grown to extract its essential oil with an aroma very similar to the perfume of the rose. It is widely used in perfumery and cosmetics to manufacture products with a smell of rose. In addition, geranium essential oil has numerous properties used in aromatherapy. So it is widely used in natural cosmetics.

How to use?

  • With a diffuser with water or on wooden balls: With an essential oil diffuser or with impregnated wooden balls, by diffusion in the atmosphere, geraniol and citronelol, the components of the essential oil of geranium, have an insect repellent action and prevent mosquito bites.
  • In external use, geranium essential oil is indicated for skin care and treatment: acne, burns, eczema, herpes, wounds, ulcerations, dermatosis, herpes, psoriasis, stretch marks. The essential oil will be previously diluted in a vegetable oil base (diluted 5 to 10%; approximately 100 to 200 drops in a vegetable oil 100 ml).
  • In massage, geranium body oil is used to treat muscle tension, rheumatism, low back pain and tendonitis (see our geranium body oil – natural cosmetics).
  • In the immersion bath, extremely relaxing and pleasant due to the perfume of rose.
  • Pure, applied locally, it is antiseptic, disinfects wounds and helps in healing. It is also antifungal.
  • As a natural cosmetic product it helps to treat cellulite, oily skin, skin with acne, promotes firmness and beautifies the skin as anti-wrinkle (see our geranium body oil – natural cosmetics).

What are the recommendations?

The use on the skin diluted in body oil is the most appropriate.

What is the cultivation method?

We do not use synthetic chemicals (fertilizers or insecticides) but we use agricultural techniques adapted to the organic production method.

What part of the plant is distilled?

In the case of geranium, the distilled part are the leaves as this is where the essential oil is concentrated. Production is difficult with very low yields; a ton of plants produces approximately one liter of essential oil. This explains its more expensive price.

What is the origin of our plants?

Our plants come from Herdade de Vale Côvo, in the heart of the Serra de Mértola in Alentejo and are harvested by hand.

What is the method of distillation?

Immediately after the aromatic plants are harvested, they are distilled in a stainless steel alembic. We are able to guarantee the origin and quality of our essential oils. In this way, all its aromas and active ingredients are preserved.

Net weight:

10 ml

Organic Certification: 

Plant from organic farming (PT-BIO-02). ECOCERT, Portugal

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