“Perfume da Serra” essential oil

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Composition of Essential Oils – Environmental Purifier

100% Pure and Certified Organic

After collecting plants manually with the help of a sickle, their essential oils are extracted using a stainless steel alembic by means of steam distillation. This process allows the preservation of all the scents and active principles and thereby guarantees the quality of the essential oil.

Distilled part: Aerial part. Cultivation methods: Organic farming and Permaculture. Origin: Herdade de Vale Côvo, Portugal.

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Organic Perfume da Serra Essential Oil

Organic Perfume da Serra essential oil is a composition of essential oils from the mountains of Mértola. It is wild, fresh and surprisingly natural. The Mediterranean scrubs predominate in the first days of spring.

Therefore how to use?

  • With a diffuser with water or on wooden balls: A few drops in a watter diffuser have a purifying effect on the environment, maintaining a pleasant and soft perfume. Used to eliminate bad odors at home, especially after cooking, or to eliminate the smell of tobacco. It can also be used on wooden balls, while maintaining the same effect.

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