Rosemary Cologne

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Aromatherapy: stimulant

Use: Rosemary cologne is invigorating, stimulating and fresh. It is ideal to start the day.

100% organic farming ingredients: rosemary essential oil from Herdade de Vale Côvo, wheat vegetable alcohol, pure water.

Certification body: Certiplanet

Quantity: 100 ml

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Rosemary cologne

Why do we make a rosemary cologne?

How was rosemary cologne born?

I knew Portugal through its beautiful landscapes, its natural beauty and its mild climate. Therefore I loved my long walks in the wild with their natural scents. Nature was an outdoor perfumery. Lavander, rosemary and cistus composed my first imaginary perfumes.

I remember these unique moments. It convinced me to live and work here. Work with the aromas of the Serra. Distill its aromatic plants. Manufacture its essential oils.

I soon fell in love with the magical world of perfumery. How to resist? I wanted to close the smells of my walks in a small bottle of perfume. And so my first “Perfume da Serra” was born. I loved sharing it with people because everyone loved it!

If you like the spring energy in Portugal you will also like my cologne.

Why rosemary?

Rosemary is very aromatic and typical of the Serra. The plant exudes a good, strong and unique aroma. Its essential oil has been used since the beginning of the history of perfumery. In addition, rosemary has several medicinal properties. You will feel that rosemary cologne is tonic and strong. Therefore it helps people with sadness, lack of spirit and depressive tendency.

In the beginning we were harvesting rosemary where nature was still wild. But the sites were difficult to access. So we started to create our own cultures in harmony with the environment. Our objectives were:

  • preserving the natural flora
  • having our own crops
  • creating a sustainable model

Today, we cultivate an area of 14 hectares of rosemary. 35,000 plants were produced in our greenhouses. We made cuttings from mother plants. By this way we can guarantee the aromatic and medicinal characteristics of the genuine rosemary. So we have an excellent rosemary essential oil that is unique and typical of our region. A perfumer’s dream!

Why organic cologne?

Rosemary cologne was created for nature lovers. For those who love aromatic plants and their true scents. It had to be pure and healthy. I have always had as priority of guaranteeing the quality of the product.

A cologne is used frequently every day of the year. It enters the body through the skin and the breath. Its quality matters as much as our food. It is essential to use good ingredients to create a pure and safe healthy product.

We use old recipes based on natural ingredients. We do not use synthesis products. Manufacturing, recipe and raw materials are 100% organic farming.

Composition of our rosemary cologne:

  • pure essential oils made from Herdade de Vale Côvo
  • wheat vegetable alcohol
  • pure water

Certiplanet, a company recognized by the State, guarantees the quality of our work. So our customers are sure that our cosmetics are 100% organic.

Today it is good to know that the pure, the healthy and the natural exist and resist!

How to use our rosemary cologne?

  • perfume the body
  • eliminate body odor
  • avoid microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi)
  • keep insects away (flies, mosquitoes)
  • eliminate strong and harmful odors (tobacco, animals, kitchen, bathroom)
  • purify the ambient air (car, office, meeting room, consultation room)
  • remember spring in Portugal
  • give a present
  • take care of yourself

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