Why should you trust in the quality of our pure essential oils?

Organic Farming

No chemical products, such as fertilisers and insecticides, are used. Organic farming techniques are used to guarantee production of pure essential oils.


We create the conditions for our plants to prosper in their natural environment and so the endemic plant species return to their native habitat.

Local Production

We do not buy or import. It is the local plant-life itself and the local labours that are the true value of our work.

Exploitation of wild plants for pure essential oils

Plants are collected manually in their natural environment at the appropriate time of the year. The cultivation process, which does not use additional watering nor synthetic fertilisers, allows the production of high quality essential oils with extraordinary aromatic and medicinal properties.

Reproduction of aromatic plants

The distillation of aromatic plants to obtain essential oils requires several tons of plants to produce just a few litres of their appreciated essence. Currently, it is no longer possible to collect such a big amount of plants in their natural environment due to intensive farming practices, soil desertification and deforestation of the region.

The seeds containing the best genetic material are carefully selected in their natural environment. They grown firstly in the nursery and are later moved to the greenhouse. In the proper time, they are reintroduced into their natural habitats, just with some water supply. Thus, little by little, these plants reoccupy the original areas where they used to occur spontaneously.

Steam distillation for pure essential oils

After manually collecting the plants with the help of a sickle, their essential oils are extracted using a stainless steel alembic by means of steam distillation. This process allows the preservation of all the scents and active principles and thereby guarantees the quality of our pure essential oils.

The essential oils can be used in air fresheners and diffusers, aromatherapy, or even in the manufacturing of natural cosmetic products.