Spanish Lavender soap

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Uses: Our natural soaps are soft, highly moisturizing and pleasantly creamy.

Ingredients 100% BIO: Palm oil RBD, coconut oil and essential oil of spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas) from organic farming. Other ingredientes: Sodium hydroxide.

Certifying Entity: Certiplanet

Quantity: 75 gr.

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Natural soap of spanish lavender is produced in a handmade way, according to the process of cold saponification, without the use of synthetic aromas, dyes or preservatives. It is soft, highly moisturizing and pleasantly creamy. We manufacture three varieties of scented soaps: rosemary, spanish lavender and rock rose.

All vegetable ingredients are derived from responsible organic farming (palm and coconut vegetable oils and our essential oils). They are soft, highly moisturizing and pleasantly creamy.

Why use our natural soaps?

Soaps are made in cold (unlike industrial processes) and contains therefore an important content in natural glycerine which gives it a great moisturizing power.

The vegetable fats used are certified organic RSPO (“responsible”) that guarantees good production practices respectful of the environment and of the populations.

Soaps are perfumed with our essential oils and thus bring the true aromas of the genuine aromatic plants of the portuguese mountain range.

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