Cologne “Perfume da Serra”

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Perfume da Serra


Applications : The “Perfume da Serra” is wild, fresh and surprisingly natural.

Ingredients:  Alcohol of wheat*, water and essential oils from the mountains*. *From  organic farming.

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Its fresh and wild fragrance reminds us the first days of spring, when we walk through the Mediterranean scrubs.

Eau de cologne 100% Bio: Our cologne was created for lovers of nature and its fantastic aromas, true, pure and healthy. They are made in the traditional way, without the use of any synthetic chemical substance. It only contains essential oils, water and pure alcohol from organic wheat. So you can enjoy the pleasant and natural aromas to perfume and purify the body or relax your mind.

Why use 100% Bio based vegetable alcohol perfumes?

Today industrial cosmetics uses so many synthetic chemicals that it has become dangerous to health! A perfume is something that is used daily and that penetrates the body through the skin. Its quality is as important as if it were food. Therefore, we use for our formulas, natural and healthy products from organic farming.

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