Rosemary body oil

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Rosmarinus officinalis


Applications: Moisturize, massage or perfum the body.

Ingredients: Sesame oil and essential oil of rosemary from organic farming.

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Use: It acts as a natural analgesic that relieves muscle tension, joint ans rheumatic pains. It activates blood circulation.

Body oils 100% BIO: body oils have in their composition only the essential oils diluted in biological sesame oil. Depending on the essential oils, so do the benefits of body oil. Sesame oil is used as a base oil, both for its therapeutic properties and for its good quality / price ratio.

The virtues of sesame vegetable oil: sesame has been part of the pharmacopoeia in India for more than 7000 years, being used in ayurvedic medicine and health and beauty care products. Moisturizes dry or irritated skin and calms itches (eczema, psoriasis). It is anti-inflammatory and analgesic, so it is suitable for muscle massage, joint and relief of rheumatic pain. Sesame is antioxidant, preventing aging of the skin (anti-wrinkle); strengthens nails and hair, treats dandruff. However, some people have sesame allergy.

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